Insulating your walls

Oct 7, 2011 @ 17:47

Many people overlook re-insulating their walls because they feel it can’t be done properly.  This of course is not the case.  The correct and easiest way to insulate walls is to remove the exterior siding of your home in selected faces and drill behind it.  Feelers and plumbobs are then used to probe the holes to find the next stud or any blocks or braces.  By using this system our crews can successfully navigate around your home and be confident in finding all vacant areas and filling them fully and tightly with insulation.  JM of New Bedford’s workers are paid hourly and not by the square foot thus they are never rushing to finish a job early.  If there was a spot that was missed all the heat would escape through that area and would create a cold draft.  We at JM of New Bedford take the extra time to drill that extra hole to ensure your home’s walls are completely filled with insulation.


The Rockwool insulation that we use is guaranteed against defect and settling for the life of the building.  The insulation itself is packed at a presettled density of 4lbs per square foot.  We have torn down walls of homes we insulated 20 years prior and the insulation is still nicely packed around all studs, braces, pipes and wires. Once the insulation is installed, the same exterior siding is then reinstalled properly onto your home.


Don’t go through another winter with drafty walls while wasting money keeping your furnace running.  Call us today at 508-992-5770 for a free estimate on getting your walls insulated.