Air Sealing, the Easy Way to Save Money

May 2, 2013 @ 13:18

Most people do not know about the large amount of heat lost that occurs in their homes when it is not properly air sealed.  In order for your insulation to work properly, your attic should be air sealed in the addition to the insulation.  The purpose of air sealing is to prevent warm air from getting through the cracks in your ceiling and virtually go around your insulation. An excellent example of the way air sealing works is to think of a brand new front door.  You could have the most expensive, well insulated door, but if it does not have weather stripping around it, the door will be drafty and make you feel uncomfortable.  Air sealing acts as the weather stripping to your insulation, they need each other to work properly.

Common areas that need to be air sealed are all electrical and plumbing penetrations.  These include recessed lights, electrical wires, and bathroom fans.  Chimneys, top plates and gable end walls are also places that should be air sealed.  Air sealing can also take place in the cellar or basement.  Sealing around the rim joists and sill plates prevents cold air from leaking into your home.

As a home owner, you will most likely qualify to receive FREE air sealing through the Mass Save program.  This program is offered by your utility company (Nstar electric or gas, Ngrid electric or gas) as an incentive to live more efficiently.  Call us today at 508-992-5770 to set up a free appointment to see your air sealing needs.