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Sidewall Insulation

Side wall insulation is not only good for reducing your energy bills, but it will also make you more comfortable in your home. Side wall insulation is great for sound reduction as well as eliminating drafts.

Our four step process is simple yet effective

1. Remove Siding and Drill Hole

The siding is removed and a hole is drilled. All types of siding can be removed, vinyl, aluminum, shingles clapboards and even asbestos! The hole is then plumbogged and felt with wires to find any hidden block or brace that could occur in the houses structure. The worker then measures to the next block or stud and makes an appropriate hole.

2. Insulate

The insulation is blown in at such high pressure that it is firmly packed within the wall cavity. Insulation can be blown in using the multiple hole technique or the fill tube method.

3. Cover With Water Seal

A foam plug is placed in the hole. Then, the hole is then covered with a piece of felt paper for a weather seal. This prevents any water from entering the wall cavity.

4. Replace Original Siding

Once sealed the original siding can put back. Galvanized finish nails are used for shingles and clapboards which provide great holding power without tarnishing. JM of New Bedford can reinsulate through almost every type of siding (I.E. Brick cannot be done from the outside)


The wall is now water tight and fully insulated!

JM of New Bedford is lead safe certified and abides by EPA’s regulations when dealing with homes that have lead paint.

No Settling

This picture was taken of a wall insulated 15 years prior.
Notice that there is no settling. Insulation has been blown in around all blocks and braces, insulation has been blown in around all wires and there were no gaps or missing areas.

*Wall was being taken down to add an addition

Insulating from the Inside

Houses may also be insulated from the inside, JM of New Bedford will patch the hole with a foam plug and put a coat of spackle over the hole.

Insulation Options

Attic Insulation

JM of New Bedord Co. has been insulating thousands of houses since 1951 and those that just insulated their attics saved on average 30%

Wall Insulation

Side wall insulation is not only good for reducing your energy bills, but it will also make you more comfortable in your home.

Basement / Crawl Space

Basement ceiling insulation is important to keep cold air out and floors warm on first floor. Many drafts enter a home through its basement.

Insultation Certifications

Massachusetts Certified Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) | Licensed | Construction Supervisor (Unrestricted) | BPI Certified | Nstar & National | Grid Certified Contractor through Masssave | EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm | EPA Lead-Safe Certified Contractor

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