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Utility & State Run Insulation Programs


There are two programs that will incentivise you to insulate your home today.

Whether you heat with gas, wood, oil, or pellets, you are eligible for this program. Even if you live in a town with a municipality, there are programs available for you.

This program applies to existing homes only, new homes and gutted renovations do not qualify (interior walls must be present)



75% Off Price to Insulate Home

You won’t even have to pay this money up front, the rebated money is sent directly to us the contractor. You just have to pay the remainder once the job is completed.

No-cost energy-efficient light bulbs and other energy saving products

During this energy audit you will receive compact florescent lights (CFLs) for your home, as well as a 7 day programmable thermostat.


No Obligation

There is no obligation once the process starts. Even after you have your No-cost Home Energy Assessment, you can choose not to insulate.

No Cost Energy Audit

The Utility companies will send over an Energy Specialist to thoroughly inspect your home to look for missing insulation, drafty points, as well as check your furnace and hot-water heater for inefficiencies. They will then give you a customized home energy report

No Cost Air Sealing

The Utility companies will compensate us (JM of New Bedford co.) to complete all targeted air sealing measures in your home at NO COST to you. This includes sealing up all major gaps and penetrations in your attic as well as weatherstripping your drafty doors. These targeted items will be found by your Energy Specialist.

Schedule Appointment With JM

We check to see if you need insulation and explain the most important areas to get done. We will also look for roadblocks and discuss ways to get rid of them if needed. This quickens the process.

We set you up with a No Cost Mass Save Energy Audit

We set you up with an energy audit from the utility companies. This does NOT obligate you to insulate or do any weatherization measures

Receive Energy Audit & Contract:

An Energy Specialist comes out and thoroughly checks your home. He reviews the recommendations we discussed and draws up a contract for you. He will also give you all new CFL light bulbs. After receiving the contract you can either sign it or call us back at JM of New Bedford to review it and answer any questions.

Tech Review:

Once the contract is signed the work order will go through a tech review to make sure everything is applicable and inputted into their system. Unfortunately this takes 2-3 weeks but once its done it will automatically be sent to us at JM and we will call you to schedule the installation.


We at JM then install the insulation by the standards that were previously discussed. Any questions of additions to the contract can be addressed while on site.


After everything is installed the Utility companies will call you back to inspect our work. This can occur whenever it is convenient for you.

We provide FREE estimates and no project is too small.


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