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Do you have a Cold Cape Style House?

Many potential customers complain about having a cold bedroom in their cape style home and don’t know what to do about it. A cape home has three distinct ceiling areas that if all aren’t insulated properly, will cause massive heat loss and drafts in the home. These three areas are the top flat ceiling on top of the second floor, the sloping ceilings also on the second floor, and the kneewalls that are actually on the ceiling of the first floor.

The top ceiling areas are usually a small section that can not be crawl-able nor does it have an access. The best way to insulate this area that doesn’t have an interior access, is to make a roof opening from the outside. JM of New Bedford co. is a roofing company along with insulation thus we can make an opening in your roof and reseal it without any worries of leaks or damage to your roof.

The sloping ceilings of the cape-style home also need to be filled with insulation. This can be done by either blowing up from the bottom or the top of the slopes. We do not need to drill holes in your ceilings to accomplish this. A special section is above your staircase, the heat is naturally moving from the first floor to the second via the staircase. If that area is not insulated massive heat will escape through that sloping ceiling.

The kneewall area is often overlooked when insulating a home. The floor of the kneewall is actually the ceiling of the first floor. Often the heat from the first floor will rise and escape your home through that first floor ceiling thus never getting a chance to warm the second floor bedrooms. This area can easily have insulation blown over the top of anything preexisting to bring it up to today’s insulation codes. It is also important to make sure that the back of the access doors to these areas are insulated and weather-stripped. Soffit ventilation in the kneewalls allow the roof to breathe however if you don’t have a good insulated seal around these access doors, the cold air will come right into your home.

So if you have a cold cape style home have JM of New Bedford Co. come out and discuss with you the best way to seal up and insulate your home. Once properly insulated cape homes are extremely proficient in staying warm with low fuel bills.

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