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attic insulation

Attic Insulation

Your attic should have 10-12" of insulation.

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Wall Insulation

Walls cavities should be completely filled.


Basement /Crawl Space Insulation

A tight safe crawl space is most effective.

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Rockwool insulation is a GREEN product designed to be blown into celings and walls of existing homes.

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  • Higher R-value: R-16 in 4 inch stud space R-38 in attic (9-10 inches)
  • Guaranteed against defect or settling for the life of the building
  • Fireproof: Non combustible, made at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Non-hydroscopic: will not absorb moisture
  • Will not support fungus growth: Passed ASTM E 1338 Fungus resistant test
  • Will not house insects or varmints: Inedible and abrasive qualities deter unwelcome guests
  • Superior sound reduction: Higher density insulation provides the best noise reduction

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Fire Proof Insulation Demonstration

Sound Proof Insulation Demonstration

Insulation Certifications

  • Massachusetts Certified Home Improvement Contractor (HIC)
  • Licensed Construction Supervisor (Unrestricted)
  • BPI Certified
  • Nstar & National Grid Certified Contractor through Masssave
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified Contractor
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