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Is there snow on your roof? Do you get Ice dams?

A sign that your home is well insulated is that the snow on your roof will stay on potentially longer than your neighbors. If your house does not have adequate insulation the heat from your home will rise up through your house, reach the underside of you roof and melt the fallen snow. Another problem that will occur if you have a lot of snow melt is ice dams. The water running off your roof will drip down the slope till it reaches the overhang of your house. Given that this part is outside of your heating area it will be considerably colder and can freeze the dripping water. Once frozen, the water can lift the shingles causing this water to get into your attic once it melts again. The eventual build up of water could cause stains or mold in your home. A well insulated home will prevent the snow from melting until it is warm enough for the water to melt all the way off your roof without refreezing. So check your home next time it snows to see if you are well insulated or call 508-992-5770 for a free inspection today!

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