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Flat roofs are the trickiest of all roofs

It is important to use the right product on your roof to improve effectiveness and to give you the longest lasting roof available. 

 What is the pitch to your roof?

Ruberoid Flat Roofs


Use Ruberoid for completely flat roofs. Ruberoid has a lifespan of 20 years although many of our roofs have lasted longer then 25 years. All seams are melted and treated to create one seemless blanket across your roof.

Liberty low slope Roofing

liberty roofing

Use Liberty roofing for low pitched roofs that can be seen. Granuals are added to the product to make the roof aestically pleasing. Liberty roofs can match roof shingles' colors

Your next Roofing Contractor should...

  1. Be a Certified Home Improvement Contractor:
    Certifications are there to protect you the homeowner. The HIC provides legal recourse for the homeowner in the event of poor quality workmanship.
  2. Be Properly Insured:
    Using an uninsured contractor is a dangerous practice. If an employee gets hurt on the job, your home owner’s insurance will be forced to cover him. This can result in law suits and policy cancellations.
  3. Be Fully Licensed:
    Licenses make sure contractors follow correct building codes and practices. This makes them responsible for the work they perform.
  4. Provide a Detailed Estimate in Writing:
    Its extremely important to have a detailed estimate that outlines all procedures and specifications. Anything left out of the estimate will most likely be left out of the completed jobs.

rubberoid 1

ruberoid 2

All roofs are different, its important to diagnose everyone individually

Given the fact that water cannot run off the roof as easily on low/flat roofs its imperative that the roof be correctly installed

ruberroid flat roof

Valleys, seams, and around pipes must all be water tight. Even if your roof doesnt leak during violent hurricannes, it doesn't mean it won't leak this winter due to hydrolic pressure caused by the snow.

seams flat roof

A good flat roof will last 20 years, call us today for a free inspection to see if your roof will hold up this winter.


  • Workers Compensation .....................$1,000,000
  • General Liability .............................$2,000,000
  • Automobile .....................................$1,000,000
  • Excess Liability ...............................$1,000,000

Roofing Certifications & Licenses:

  • Massachusetts certified home improvement contractor (HIC)
  • BPI Certified
  • Licensed Construction Supervisor (Unrestricted)