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roof leaking

Flashing, and seam bursting are to blame, sometimes leaks can be fixed with simple sealant yet most times it means the roof needs to be replaced

Shingles Missing


When shingles are missing it either means they weren't fastened correctly for the area, or that the shingles are old and its time to replace them

Licen Growth

moss roof

Licen grows in moist areas, Overhanging trees contribute to licen growth. The Licen will shorten the lifespan of the shingle

Curled Shingles

curled shingles

Having curled shingles means that your roof shingles have been over heated. This will occur in any roof but the process will be brought on quicker by excessive sunlight and multiple layers of shingles and bad ventilation.

Your next Roofing Contractor should...

  1. Be a Certified Home Improvement Contractor:
    Certifications are there to protect you the homeowner. The HIC provides legal recourse for the homeowner in the event of poor quality workmanship.
  2. Be Properly Insured:
    Using an uninsured contractor is a dangerous practice. If an employee gets hurt on the job, your home owner’s insurance will be forced to cover him. This can result in law suits and policy cancellations.
  3. Be Fully Licensed:
    Licenses make sure contractors follow correct building codes and practices. This makes them responsible for the work they perform.
  4. Provide a Detailed Estimate in Writing:
    Its extremely important to have a detailed estimate that outlines all procedures and specifications. Anything left out of the estimate will most likely be left out of the completed jobs.

roof making

There is more to roofing than what meets the eye!

Make sure your next roofing contract incorporates all parts of a leak less roofing system


  1. Ice and Water Barrier:
    Sticky membrane applied to vulnerable areas around chimneys, pipes, dormers, valleys, and the leading roof edge. This stops leaks caused by ice dams and unsealed shingles.
  2. Roof Deck Protection:
    Felt paper or “Shingle Mate” applied to roof deck for protection and the sealant of shingle.
  3. Be Fully Licensed:
    Licenses make sure contractors follow correct building codes and practices. This makes them responsible for the work they perform.
  4. Shingles:
    Various options are available for shingles from three tab to architectural, with warrantees that range from 25 years to lifetime.
  5. Ridge Vent:
    Provides positive ventilation throughout the entire length of the attic space.
  6. Ridge Cap Shingles:
    Shingles placed over ridge vent to prevent leaks and to make the house esthetically beautiful.
  7. Low Slope Membranes:
    Applied to low slope roofs where shingles would be ineffective (see low slope page).
  8. Starter Strip Shingles:
    Seals down shingles at the leading edge of the roof while providing protection from blow-offs.
  9. Vent Pipe Flashing:
    Different sizes made to fit around vent pipes and installed under shingles to prevent leakage.
  10. Drip Edge:
    Applied to the roof perimeter to ensure proper flow of water into gutters.


  • Workers Compensation ...................$1,000,000
  • General Liability .............................$2,000,000
  • Automobile .....................................$1,000,000
  • Excess Liability ..............................$2,000,000

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Roofing Certifications & Licenses:

Massachusetts certified home improvement contractor (HIC)
BPI Certified
Licensed Construction Supervisor (Unrestricted)
Lead Safe Certified

Designer Shingles


Architectural Shingles


3-Tab Shingles


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