Was Your Wall Insulation Done Right?

Jan 14, 2019 @ 19:43

We recently came across a house that was being remodeled and the contractor noticed that the walls were only partially insulated. The home had been previously insulated with spray foam insulation. This insulation was sprayed in by little holes from the outside. Many of the bays were only filled up on the side that the hose went down. The current renovator took the outside siding off and we were able to take a picture looking up the bay.

This thermal image was taken inside the home and you can the massive heat loss through the walls.

JM of New Beford co has over 68 years of experience insulating walls. Our crew chiefs who are the ones actually filling up the walls have 30 and 20 years each of experience. Our insulation jobs are also warrantied against settling for the life of the building. Call us today to see if your home is properly insulated