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What type of insulation should I have in my attic?

Blown in insulation is the best way to insulate your attic. Having blown in insulation on the floor of your attic prevents the least amount of heat loss while maintaining access to wiring, lights and anything else you might need to get to through the life of your home. Some people would prefer fiberglass batts since they are easier to move out of the way, but they don’t provide the blanket coverage that a blown in insulation provides. Any place where there is a seam or a place where a fiberglass batt cut, there is heat loss. Blown in insulation gets into all the cracks and crevice’s of your attic ensuring there is no easy area for heat to escape. Rigid boards and foam are a more permeant application preventing you from accessing wires and plumbing in the future. If wiring or plumbing work is needed to be done in the attic, the blown in insulation can just be placed aside to gain you access

JM of new Bedford offers two types of blown in insulation: Celluose insulation which is made of recycled newspaper and used extensively through utility rebate programs, and Rockwool insulation which is made of recycled steel slag and is also used as a fireproof barrier. Both are green products with approximate r-values. They both have a long history of saving people on their fuel bills while making their homes much more comfortable.

Todays attic insulation codes are an R-44 which is about 12-14inches depending on the type of insulation you have. Call us today to see if your home needs its attic insulation updated! 508-992-5770

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